Learn More About Kevin Graham

Learn More About Kevin Graham

Kevin Graham- (Middays)- 10am-3pm

Middays- 10am-3pm

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Heyyyy! I’m Kevin, it’s so nice to meet you! I love hangin with YOU while you work! 

 I have always loved music and dancing. My all-time favorite artist is Michael Jackson! Hee-Hee! I grew up in Fredericksburg Va, area! In 2016, I married my High School sweetheart Christina! Together we have a Fur Baby named Buddy Bocelli, who we rescued from the SPCA. We welcomed our sweet little baby girl, Leila in 2021! #GIRLDAD & LOVING every minute of it! My lifelong dream was to be on the radio. When I was in the 5th Grade, I took a tour of a radio station in Fredericksburg, 933. WFLS. A cool DJ named, Mike let me talk on the radio and then I was HOOKED! You can listen to my first time on-air below!  In my spare time I love having with the family, exploring Breweries and Wineries! Any place that has live music is where you can find me.

I would love to connect with you shoot me an email and say HI! [email protected]