Kevin Graham (Middays 10am-3pm)

Kevin Graham- (Middays)- 10am-3pm

Middays- 10am-3pm

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When you’re not hanging out at the radio station how do you spend your time?

– I also own a DJ business, so on weekends you can find me DJ-in’ weddings and getting all the parties bumping!! My wife and I recently got kayaks so you may find us paddling lakes and rivers.  I’m just a beginner lever paddler, so I never really get that far from the shore, lol!

Any pets?

-Absolutely!! I’m a proud owner of a 6-year old Italian Greyhound/ Beagle Mix named, Buddy. Since he is Italian, his full “official” name is Buddy “Bocelli”, pronounced with a heavy Italian accent. We adopted him  in 2015, and he quickly has become a major part of our little family! He’s almost like a cat; he walks on the back of the couch and loves to hide under the bed with all of his 1,000 Toys. He doesn’t play with them; he just piles them up under the bed!

Any secret hobbies or interests that people might not know about?

-I’m a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, HUGE! Like I have a life size cut-out, well maybe two or three: but who’s counting?!

Favorite superhero? And why?

-I like Iron Man and Batman. I secretly want to be Tony Stark, but Batman is my man! I love all of the Christian Bale Batman movies; I watch them all the time. I may or may not practice my, “I’m Batman” deep voice all the time in the mirror!! I also did go crazy last Halloween and purchased a legit Batman Dark Knight suit and mask, which I put on more than I probably should!

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